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Subject:Kroenen mask for sale!!!
Time:02:52 pm
A friend of mine is selling a mask that is completely one of a kind, never to be replicated Kroenen sandstorm mask. This thing is seriously pro. It's sad to see him sell it, but the price is insane. To have something like this done would be several hundred dollars more and even then that's without any customizations.


Seriously, go check it out!

if you would like to see more pictures, contact me via note and I will email some to you.
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Subject:For sale
Time:02:07 pm
If anyone is interested, I am selling off my Bootstrap Bill Turner POTC costume from last year. The ebay listing is here. Please support my Dragon*Con fund!
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Subject:The first attempt at a cosplay group!
Time:04:45 pm
I am seeking out people for an "Eragon" cosplay group at ACEN '07.

The deets

I'm also in need of help with this!

I may think of doing another group at the same convention...stay tuned.
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Subject:Costuming Update
Time:07:29 pm
Current Mood:creative
I'm so sorry that I havn't posted in a while. I have been very busy working on costumes and school.

Barriss Offee Star Wars Episode II
Esmeralda Disney's Hunchback of Notre Dame
Wendy Disney's Peter Pan
Abigail Whistler's Brown and Red Jacket Blade Trinity
Elle Driver's Nurse Outfit Kill Bill Vol 1
Princess Leia's Sentor Robes Star Wars Episode IV
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Current Music:Robbie Williams "Knutsford City Limits"
Subject:My Halloween Photos
Time:04:16 pm
Finally, the moment most of you have been waiting for...

Suzanne LeGroux/Bound WomanCollapse )

x-posted on my LJ

I will also take the opportunity to say that I'm quite disappointed that there's been no activity for months. I tried to advertise on the Community Promo site again, but for some strange reason, I'm banned from posting again. (Does anyone know why? I'm baffled.) Come on, doesn't anyone want to show off what they've done? That's the intention of the site. So, until next time, happy new year and keep creating. :)
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Subject:It's October!
Time:09:36 am
Yep, I know this board has been dormant for weeks, but it's Oct. and some of you are planning costumes based on movie characters this year. I am too, and it's still not quite done, but I have a month to do it. :)

So, what are you all going as?
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Current Music:Fatal from Blade Trinity Soundtrack
Subject:My lasted Movie costume
Time:01:17 pm
Current Mood:creative
During Labor Day Weekend I attended DragonCon in Atlanta, GA where I debut my first (of many) Abigial Whistler costume. I am really happy with the way it came out and lucked out finding the perfect materials for not a whole lot of money. If anyone would like to see it just go to the link below.


I also made Barriss Offee, a jedi, from Star Wars Episode II, which I will be more than happy to post pictures one I have found them online.
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Subject:Hmm, technically it IS a movie...
Time:03:17 pm
This is taken from a TV movie...which is actually ok in this community since there's nothing in the rules I put saying that we couldn't do TV movies...anyway, here are the photos.
Sherlock HolmesCollapse )

(X-posted on my LJ and DJ)
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Subject:Intro post
Time:08:57 am
This is an excellent community idea. I do not really have pictures to post; however, I do have links to pictures of some of my movie costumes.

Alice from Alice in Wonderland
Janet's Pink Dress from Rocky Horror Picture Show
Princess Leia (Ceremonial Gown) from SW: New Hope
Hufflepuff Student from Harry Potter

If you are still looking for Mods I would love to be considered for a mod position.
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Time:07:33 pm
I'm LaDracul and I've started a page for cosplayers that love to cosplay as movie characters since there's hardly any around LJ or....anywhere. So, if any of you would like to be a mod, just e-mail me. Also, I'll try to think up some other stuff for the community to do.

For starters, we can post our own photos of in-progress or completed movie costumes. Please put them behind cuts! I have done these in the past and am quite pleased with how they came out.

~Van Helsing~

Count DraculaCollapse )
VeronaCollapse )
Anna Valerious-BallgownCollapse )

~League of Extraordinary Gentlemen~

Herr Fantom/MoriarityCollapse )

Again, welcome!
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[icon] Movie Cosplayers
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